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Construction Crane


Hybrid Building Logistics offers a variety of technical and logistical advantages to address many contingencies within your particular requirements.

  • Lifting Lugs for Top Lifting With Crane
    (no spreader bar required for lifting)

  • Can be rooftop mounted

  • Meets or exceeds all National Building Codes including fire rating, temperature, wind extremes, and seismic activity

  • Heavy duty lightweight construction

  • Transportable time tested contruction

  • Built to your specifications

  • Built to post disaster construction specifications

  • Full in-house equipment integration services

  • Ready for in-service upon arrival at site

  • All work is performed by Hybrid's in-house trade specialists

Trusted & Certified

Quality Guaranteed, Certified Excellence: Unleashing the Power of Manufacturing Standards

CSA A660 Certified

The industry benchmark for ensuring structural steel fabrication excellence and compliance

CWB 47.1 Certification Vector.png

CWB 47.1 Certified

Expert Master Electrician

The gold standard for certifying welding quality and expertise in structural steel applications.

Our Master Electricians Delivers Unmatched Expertise for Every Project.

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